Charlie 777 Dog Breed Name
Charlie 777 Dog Breed Name

Why are so many dogs abandoned?

Animal shelters such as CUPA and CARE are always full of abandoned breed dogs. People buy a dog and many a time are unable to honour the responsibility of seeing the dog through his or her lifetime. As a result of which they end up being given up in shelters or abandoned on the streets. 

Is pet licensing the solution to illegal backyard breeding?

The Kannada movie, 777 Charlie, not only beautifully showcased the relationship between dog and man but also highlighted the perils of indiscriminate breeding. The film also stressed the essential narrative of ‘adopt, don't shop'. The reality is that dogs are bred indiscriminately, pups and dogs do get abandoned, and there are still many dogs looking for homes.

Is anything being done to fix the problem of poor implementation?

Compassion Unlimited Plus Action (CUPA) had filed a public interest litigation (PIL) for better implementation of Dog Breeding and Marketing Rules and Pet Shop Rules.

The Karnataka High Court has directed the state government to implement the provisions of the breeding rules, which were notified and gazetted by the central government. The licensing authority is the Karnataka State Animal Welfare Board.

While some have taken the legal route, some active citizens volunteer their time and effort to work closely with the state government to ensure it initiates the implementation of breeding rules.